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Sabina Laura, Poet Spotlight

Sabina Laura is a writer, poet and illustrator based in the UK. After completing a degree in English Language and Linguistics, she published her debut book Moonflower, a collection of poetry about growing even in darkness. Sabina's second book is called, All This Wild Hope and her most recent project includes a poetry journal titled, A Little Sunshine and a Little Rain.

Hello Sabina and welcome to Moonflower Art! Your debut poetry collection is titled Moonflower. (A very lovely flower, if I may say so myself). Would you explain why you chose that title and the significance of that flower in your work?

I chose the name Moonflower for my poetry collection because moonflowers bloom at night, and the overall theme of my book is learning to grow even through darkness. I thought it fit perfectly!

You are both a writer and a poet. What first drew you to poetry?

I discovered ‘modern poetry’ in 2018 via the community on Instagram and really connected with it. Since a young age, I loved writing and did so regularly, but I hadn’t tried much poetry. Discovering modern poetry gave me a whole new outlook on what poetry could be, and I began writing and sharing my work in late 2018.

Who and what are your main sources of inspiration?

From a poetry perspective, some of my favourite writers include Blake Auden, William Bortz, Wilder, Chloe Frayne, and Trista Mateer. I also take inspiration from nature, and personal events and feelings.

What is your writing process like? Are there any rituals or routines that are followed?

I don’t really have a specific process to be honest! I just aim to make a little time to write most days.

How has social media affected your career as a writer and provided opportunity for you?

Social media has definitely provided opportunity as a writer. It was only once I had gained around 30,000 followers on Instagram that I found the courage and self-belief to publish my first book. I was also lucky enough to be asked by Quarto Publishing to create a guided poetry journal, and they found my work through Instagram. Although it does of course have its downsides, social media provides a great way for more people to discover and connect with your writing.

One of the common threads here at Moonflower Art, is the concept that art has the power to heal. Poetry is no different. How does poetry heal both the writer and the reader?

Absolutely. Writing poetry is like a form of therapy - it forces you to look deeply at whatever topic or emotion you are writing about. Reading poetry is also very healing. A sad poem may help you put into words something you feel and remind you you’re not alone, and a happier poem may brighten your outlook and allow you to take a positive message from it.

I believe that poetry and visual art have a lot in common. Poets use words. Painters use paint. Some poets even paint and vice versa! If your work was a colour, what would it be?

That’s a difficult question - I think I’d have to say a rainbow! I love writing about different topics and emotions.

Other than writing poetry, what else gives you emotional sustenance and supports your overall well-being?

Spending time with loved ones, reading, listening to music, and connecting with nature.

Would you tell us about any upcoming work that we can look forward to?

I’m currently working on my third poetry collection, which I’m hoping will be out this year!

Read Sabina poetry online @sabinalaurapoetry and @growyourpoetry. All books available at


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