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Ella Hamilton, Poetry Corner

Ella Hamilton is an emerging and award-winning, Canadian poet. We are pleased to feature poetry and images from her current collection at eunabellagiornata.


Dopo la tempesta

I may be irrational, but darling join me and we can dance around the dark side of the moon.

December 18

I don’t like the winter.

But I like how the snow rushes down from the heavens, icing the roof’s of the cities' homes.

I like the romance of the barren trees and how they still persist their story through the ice ridden drought.

And I like the look in your eyes as we dance around the illuminating Christmas lights.

It’s frigid out, yet you make my bitter heart feel almost warm.

5:30 Bus

Something about the 5:30 bus, how it hustles down the glimmering road. Electrified with turn signals and Christmas lights. And the windows are frosted with droplets of melting snow. It’s such a romantic sight.

6 months to 76, all existing in this condensed, moving space. We’re all so close yet we’re all in our little worlds. For this brief moment in time, there is a drift in reality. Combined existence with a million different stories; a million different places to go.

On this bus, we give up our control. We just sit and hope we get where we’re needing to go.


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